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Assistant Professor
The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Kyoto University
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(Speech and Audio Processing Group, Graduate School of Informatics)
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Research Topics

Evolution of music
Music styles change over time. How and why do they change? Can we predict future music styles? We are studying the evolution of music based on computational analyses of music data and theoretical models of music creation process and social selection.
Automatic music generation
Can we compose music by computers? We are studying music creation from the viewpoints of statistical learning and optimization. We are interested in how individual music styles are developed and transmitted, and in the roles of active and dynamic statistical learning in musical creativity.
Melody style conversion   Piano arrangement
Music transcription
Trained musicians can listen to music audio and represent it as a musical score. We are studying computational methods to emulate this ability. Automatic music transcription is a key experimental method for analyzing music audio in the symbolic domain.
Automatic music accompaniment
Can computers listen to music and interact with humans? We are studying a method for understanding human performances and playing accompaniments with humans. Various aspects of human performances including tempo changes, errors, repeats and skips, ornaments are studied.
Eurydice system
Piano fingering
Fingering is a basic skill for pianists, but the principle of finding appropriate fingerings is not fully understood scientifically. We are constructing computational models to formulate and search for optimal fingerings and to measure performance difficulty.
Symbolic music alignment
Study for comparing two symbolic representations of a musical piece (for example a MIDI recording and a corresponding musical score) at the note level.
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Eita Nakamura
Research Building No. 7 Room 417, Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
e-mail: eita.nakamura[at]i.kyoto-u.ac[dot]jp
phone: +81-075-753-5396